Snow boots should not be worn casually

Cheap imitation snow boots are mostly made of artificial or industrial waste wool inside, and made of artificial or industrial waste leather outside. This kind of material will make our feet breathless, and it is very likely that various skin diseases will appear after a long time of being suffocated.

Dr. Ian Drisdale, Dean of the British Academy of Orthopedics, said the cheap imitation snowshoes were made of very soft materials, with relatively large interior space and slippery hind feet. With each step, gravity would spread around the foot, causing the arch of the foot to be impacted heavily. It causes injuries to the feet, ankles and even the hips.

Mike ONeal, a foot doctor, called the cheap snow boots “awful”. ONeal said, “because your feet are sliding back and forth, the joints in your feet will be worn away. When the ankle is in the wrong position, the femur will change its position, and the movement in the pelvis will be abnormal, which in turn leads to back problems.

COZY STEPS, the top snow boots brand, pure fur as one of the raw materials, was founded in 1994 in California, the United States, for many years adhering to the “environmental protection, health, comfort and fashion” design concept, focusing on reflecting the natural beauty of wool and fashion.

COZY STEPS will only seek the best quality and luxurious fur and raw materials in Australia. Soft leather, fine wool and tenacity become the most stringent criteria for COZYSTEPS to choose raw materials.

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