Beautiful and Practical Martin boots

The classic strap design is the highlight of Martin boots. It looks almost the same, but the difference in the details is also very big. If you are not very tall and the legs are not very long, it is recommended to choose Martin boots with 8 holes, although the holes A little more tied up is more handsome, but the number of these holes determines the size of the boot. If the leg is short, it is better to have more legs. Too much space is good but not for you.

Then the color, the handsome feeling of the Martin shirt is largely derived from its color. The most classic Martin boots are basically black, so when choosing Martin boots, even if it is just for good matching, it is best not to choose. Candy color or large-scale color style, classic black can be, too much highlights on the feet is not a good thing.

If you choose Martin boots, it is recommended that the boots be slightly looser, especially those with thick legs. If the boots are too tight, the calf defects will be enlarged.

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