Should pants be worn in boots?

Don’t say that the pants are put into the boot and the denim is worn exclusively! Compared with the usual combination of “pants and boots”, this method of wearing is more fashionable and generous, and it is two meters tall, and it is cool and super-shaped!

A black short sweater with khaki tool harem pants, a retro belt at the waist to optimize the proportion of the body, and for the whole body shape to play the finishing touch is absolutely the pair of mid-tube motorcycle boots, Harlan overalls pants feet Into the boot tube, not only weakens the visual fattening effect of the harem pants, but also changes the whole look of the look very neat and generous.

Simple matching requires the quality of each piece of the product to be superior and low-key luxury, and Wang Ziwen clearly understands this truth. A shredded black pencil trousers she wore a pair of wedge-shaped and pointed high-heeled boots, a slightly wider boot with a very good leg shape, and the two-cent gap between the upper and the ankle also made the whole look very breathable.

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