The best-selling UGG boots are not made in Australia

Wilkie pointed out that consumers in the United States also regard Australia as a resort and believe that buying wool boots is like buying local tourist souvenirs. Therefore, trademark registration is a very sensible move because it ensures that it is the only company in this market.

He also believes that UGG’s problems have not received enough attention in Australia, because locals rarely wear UGG in public. To date, UGG has often been used as a slipper in Australia, and wearing such boots in public is also considered to be “squat” and “old soil.” In Australia, most of UGG is sold to tourists. However, in other countries, people feel that UGG looks good, personality, and fashion avant-garde.

At present, this case will be decided on the date of the election. Mr. Oygur said that if they can win the case this time, this is undoubtedly good news for the few Australian native snow boots manufacturers in the harsh competition environment. He said: “The result we hope to achieve is that every Australian snow boots manufacturer will be able to export their goods freely in the future.

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