UGG does not make you an Eskimo in autumn and winter.

In the autumn and winter, there are many rains and snows. The coldness of the shoes that are infiltrated on the street is simply indescribable. So when considering how to buy UGG, the first thing is to look at its waterproof performance. The slightly damp road doesn’t have to worry about getting into the water, and even when walking on the snow, UGG can keep it dry and ensure the warmth and comfort of the feet.

UGG has always been a symbol of quality. From the opening of the snow boots to the market, and slowly launching its own single shoes, small white shoes, peas shoes and other hot items, UGG’s material has never been disappointing. I found that many of my friends are like me. I don’t wear socks when I wear UGG. Because UGG is made of good sheepskin, it is very sweat-proof and breathable. Even if it is naked, it will not rub the feet or sweat, and there will be no smell. ,. The wool inside the snow boots is thick enough, the feet are warm and comfortable, and it won’t feel cold without wearing socks.

I also said that the autumn and winter season is most afraid of being an Eskimo. How UGG meets everyone’s fashion needs is also a highlight of the brand. UGG’s stylish and beautiful lines make it not bloated, and its color scheme gives a very warm feeling. Even cold colors such as khaki and black will have a very thick and warm feeling. Not to mention the youthful, lively tones of tender pink and rose red, and often there are some small metal accessories and bows that complement the UGG’s face value. Autumn and winter seasons with jeans or A-line skirts, wearing an oversize jacket on the upper body, it will look great.

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