Traditional snow boots are combined with sports shoes

COZY STEPS chief designer Siegfried Josef combines traditional snow boots with popcorn sports shoes in a fusion of different design concepts. When the fur merino lambskin collides with the E-TPU outsole of SMARTLITE technology, Wool’s close-fitting comfort & E-TPU’s powerful energy, silky touch & light and pleasing, breathable warm & flexible cushioning, simple cut & three-dimensional shape. Fashion prophets, fusion of new life; cross-border stunners, re-created different. COZY STEPS cool style, interpreting modern life with a blending perspective, creating a relaxed atmosphere with cross-border attitude.

COZY STEPS Yue series snow boots, no different from absolute talent, unique cross-border design, once again lead the trend of snow boots, AA imported A-class fur merino lambskin, high-performance SMARTLITE technology E-TPU materials can be quickly squeezed, expanded, and rebounded at each step to effectively cushion and release energy. It is still useful for long-lasting stability and durability at temperatures between minus 20 ° C and 40 ° C.

SMARTLITE’s E-TPU materials are extremely lightweight and flexible with a range of soft and durable injection-molded lightweight materials. You may be able to experience the thrill of “walking in the clouds” – a new type of polymer material that is assembled by countless elastic TPUs (high-energy-backed thermoplastic polyurethane) foaming balls. The sensation is full and the Q is flexible.

The higher-density color EVA heel module wraps the E-TPU material, and the inner core is flexible and looks strong, giving the foot an important sport support for walking. The material itself has biodegradability and can be recycled and reused. It is very environmentally friendly.

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