Don’t let your baby wear snow boots

Although the snow boots are fashionable, the main function is to keep warm and not help the health of the feet. Therefore, if the mother wants to wear snow boots for the baby, pay attention to the following matters:

Occasionally wear it, but don’t wear it for a long time: When the baby wears a wide snow boots, the feet and hips must move more joints to maintain the balance of the body. Wearing a day will cause a lot of extra wear on joints and muscles. If you wear it for a long time, it will easily lead to the baby’s future growth and development defects, resulting in “high and low feet” and so on.
The weather is particularly cold and can be worn urgently. It is usually recommended not to wear: In fact, the baby is naturally active, they are often in the process of running and playing, but they are not very cold. Therefore, it is not recommended that the baby often wear such shoes to walk.

Parents who love to wear snow boots should also be careful. Because the uppers and soles are thicker and wear snow boots when driving, the driver can’t easily find the weight. The feeling of the throttle and brakes may be slow and easy to cause hidden dangers.

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