Tips on cleaning snow boots

As we all know, the sheepskin itself has many natural holes, which play the role of internal and external equilibrium temperature, and the permeability is quite good, but it is precisely because of this that the sheepskin is super afraid of oil and it is difficult to clean. And most sheepskin snow boots do not have a waterproof coating, which requires you to spray a layer of anti-fouling spray in advance, which is equivalent to wearing a protective clothing in advance.

Anti-fouling sprays are best used when the boots are up-to-date and pre-treated to avoid initial staining and have certain anti-fouling and water-repellent capabilities.

Before UGG is not worn, spray the anti-fouling spray evenly on the boots, wet the boots but not soak them, then let the boots dry naturally. Do not bake or expose directly during the period. After drying, use the soft fur of the suede brush to gently brush the suede in one direction to restore the boots to their original appearance.

Although UGG sheepskin snow boots have waterproof and anti-fouling spray, it does not mean that it can be used directly as a rain boots. Of course, it is not possible to resist all stains. Please follow the following principles. Don’t really get the oil to know the pain.

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